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July 23, 2014   The ribbon cutting celebration at 2010 14th Street, SE was held on Tuesday, July......more

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Revolving Fund Program

In 2013, the Trust launched Washington, D.C.’s first Revolving Fund Program. Through this program, the Trust acquires at-risk historic structures, either by outright purchase or in partnership with others. The Trust rehabilitates these properties, protects them with conservation easements,...

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This online Preservation Resource Center is provided by The L'Enfant Trust to help property owners in Washington D.C. take care of their historic structures. These educational resources are meant to assist you with caring for or learning about a...

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Conservation Easements

A conservation easement, sometimes called a preservation easement, is a voluntary legal agreement between a property owner and a qualified historic preservation organization. The easement is an important preservation tool because it allows the organization to protect the property...

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35 Years of The L'Enfant Trust

  The L'Enfant Trust is a historic preservation nonprofit organization founded in 1978 to "promote a public aesthetic in land use planning" in Washington, D.C. The Trust was founded in response to the rampant demolition of historic properties in Washington during the 1970s. This development sometimes involved "midnight demolitions" of entire blocks of historic townhouses, with buildings lost overnight. The Trust was part of a larger local response by the preservation community who championed the city's Historic Landmark and Historic District Protection Act of 1978. Named after the planner of the federal city, Pierre L'Enfant, the Trust pioneered the use of...

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